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In compliance with the provisions of art. 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, it is hereby stated that NOUMAD STUDIO SL, with address at C/ Luis Martinez Feduchi Nº120, 28055 Madrid (Madrid), with Tax Identification Number B05371117, is the owner of the portal, and makes the same available to users, in order to provide information on Noumad products and services.

For the above purposes and in compliance with art. 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, we inform you of each of the service providers of the information society that operate in the aforementioned web portal:

Address: C/ Luis Martinez Feduchi nº120, 28055 de Madrid (Madrid).
NIF: B05371117
Telephone: +34 673 474 374
Domain name:

Company registered in the Mercantile Register of Madrid, Volume 41959, Folio 68, Entry 8, Page M743057.


Noumad, provides users with this document with which it intends to comply with the obligations set forth in Law 34/2002, of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), as well as inform all users of the website regarding the conditions of use of the website.

Any person accessing this website assumes the role of user, committing to the observance and strict compliance with the provisions herein, as well as any other legal provision that may be applicable.

These General Conditions are intended to regulate the conditions of use and use of the Internet portal located at the address (hereinafter "the Web" or "Noumad").

The website has been developed, created and designed by Noumad, to publicize and allow access to the information contained therein, with the restrictions and limitations imposed by these General Conditions and to allow and enable access to other pages with which the Web has commercial, professional or any other kind.

The use of the web, attributes to whoever makes use of it, the condition of User, who declares to know and accept without reservation or exception, each and every one of the General Conditions that in this document are exposed.

Noumad, is empowered to unilaterally modify each and every one of the obligations set forth in these General Conditions, without prior notice. It is empowered to restructure, modify or delete any information, service or content included on the Web, without prior notice. The modification of any of these general conditions for a particular case will only be valid when it has been collected in writing and signed by the legal representatives of each party.


3.1- Conditions of Access and Use
Through the address located at any user may access the information contained in the aforementioned website free of charge.

The conditions of access to the Web are subject to the legal provisions in force at all times as well as to the principles of good faith and lawful use by the User, expressly and strictly prohibiting any type of action that could be detrimental or detrimental to the Web or third parties.

3.2- Content and User Actions
The User agrees to make a lawful, diligent, honest and correct use of any information or content accessed either through the Noumad website, or third parties previously provided by Noumad, and all under the principles of good faith and with respect at all times to the law in force.

The User shall refrain from obtaining, except for personal use, any information (understood by information as any message, sound files, photographs, drawings, software and in general any kind or type of computer file, graphic etc..) that is owned by the Web.

Likewise, the User undertakes not to maliciously or intentionally cause damage or harm that may undermine or alter the website itself, nor to introduce or spread so-called "computer viruses" that may cause unauthorised alterations to the contents or systems comprising the website. The commitment is to be governed by the use of content in accordance with the provisions of the law, morality and public order, not to copy, reproduce, distribute, transfer, transform or modify the contents without the prior written consent of Noumad, or person delegated by this.

In this regard, Noumad is exonerated from any type of failure or computer virus introduced by third parties.

Comply with all the requirements set forth in relation to intellectual, industrial and other similar property rights.

3.3- Content of the website
The main objective of the website is to provide an information service and distribution of products and services.

It defines itself as "the website of the company Noumad, which offers its services through the Internet, which serves as a link between users and customers of Noumad, and the company and incorporates a database of constantly updated services and interesting content for customers".

This database, property of Noumad, contains all the necessary information that the client may need, as well as a constant update.

The information provided should not be considered at any time neither complete nor exhaustive due to the wide range of existing products and services. Noumad, for its part, will try to the best of its ability to constantly update the services offered through the website, responding truly and faithfully to the business reality of Noumad at all times.

Noumad, is not responsible for the contents, information, opinions or comments disseminated through its website and will not be liable for the use that the user makes of this information.


Noumad, disclaims any liability for the information published on its website, provided that this information has been manipulated or introduced by a third party external to it.

The website may use cookies (small information files that the server sends to the computer of the person accessing the page) to carry out certain functions that are considered essential for the correct operation and display of the site. The cookies used on the website are, in any case, temporary for the sole purpose of making more efficient onward transmission and disappear at the end of the user's session. Under no circumstances will cookies be used to collect personal information.

From the client's website you may be redirected to content from third party websites. Since Noumad, can not always control the content posted by third parties on their websites, it does not assume any responsibility for such content. In any case, Noumad, states that it will proceed to the immediate removal of any content that could violate national or international law, morality or public order, proceeding to the immediate withdrawal of the redirection to that website, informing the competent authorities of the content in question.

Noumad, is not responsible for the information and content stored, including but not limited to, forums, chat's, blogs generators, comments, social networks or any other means that allows third parties to independently publish content on the website. However, and in compliance with the provisions of art. 11 and 16 of the LSSI-CE, the provider is available to all users, authorities and security forces, and actively collaborating in the removal or blocking of all content that could affect or contravene national or international law, the rights of third parties or morality and public order. In the event that the user considers that there is any content on the website that could be susceptible to this classification, please notify the website administrator immediately.

Noumad will use its best efforts to include accurate, complete and up-to-date information on this website, but does not guarantee its accuracy, completeness or the frequency with which it is updated. All users agree that they access this website at their own risk and that neither Noumad nor any other party involved in creating or delivering this website shall be liable for any damages of any kind, including any special, direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damages, or punitive (even if the provider has been advised of the possibility of such damages) arising out of access to or use of the information incorporated in this website, or any errors or omissions, typographical errors, misprints, outdated information, technical or pricing inaccuracies, typographical or other errors appearing on the website. This limitation includes damages to, or due to any viruses that may infect, your computer equipment. The content, information and advice expressed on this website should be understood to be for guidance only.

This website has been checked and tested to ensure that it functions correctly. In principle, it can be guaranteed to work properly 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. However, Noumad, does not rule out the possibility that there are certain programming errors, or that occur due to force majeure, natural disasters, strikes, or similar circumstances that make it impossible to access the website.

Noumad, reserves the right to temporarily suspend the provision of the service without prior notice to the User, provided it is necessary to carry out maintenance, updating or improvement of the service. It may also modify the conditions of access and or specific location of the content of the Web, as well as prevent, restrict, block, remove or withdraw access to services to users when they do not make a lawful, honest and diligent use of the services provided on the Web. In the same line may withdraw, block or restrict the use of the contents introduced by third parties that are illegal, racist, criminal, in support of terrorism, violation of human rights, defamatory, pornographic, constituting fraud or in any other way that violate the laws or regulations applicable either national or international.

Noumad does not guarantee the permanent availability and continuity of the website due to interruptions, failures, etc., nor will it be liable for any damages that may be caused to users by computer viruses or external agents that third parties may deposit on the website or in the electronic documents and files stored in the computer system. Noumad disclaims any liability for any damages that may be caused by the lack of availability or continuity of the website and the services offered on it.

Noumad, will respond solely and exclusively for the services provided by itself and the contents directly originated by the Web itself and identified with its corresponding copyright.

Noumad, is committed to adopting the necessary means and measures to ensure security and privacy in communications. It will not be held responsible when the pertinent security measures are adopted and these are violated by external agents. Noumad does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements on the website that may cause alterations in your computer system, although every effort will be made to avoid any such problems. Noumad rejects any contractual or extra-contractual responsibility with the person or company that makes use of the website and is damaged in any way by computer viruses or computer elements of any kind.

Noumad, shall not be liable even indirectly or subsidiarily, for any content, information, opinion or statement of any kind, which originates from the User or third parties or entities that have access, transmit, communicate, process, display or sell such information to the website owned by Noumad.

The Web makes available to users certain tools such as buttons, banners, links or links that allow the user to access other sites related to the corporate purpose of the Web or other different. The installation of these tools are ultimately intended to provide and facilitate navigation to the user, not being responsible Noumad, of the sites that the user accesses through its page, as far as the right to honor may affect. Therefore, it will be the User who under his own responsibility will access through these hyperlinks. For its part Noumad, will try to the best of its ability to check such hyperlinks, restricting, blocking or suspending such buttons when they violate the principle described in these Terms and Conditions.

Except with express prior written permission, any transfer, assignment, sale, rental or public display of this website or any portion or section of this website is prohibited.

Noumad rejects any kind of responsibility for the services that could eventually be provided on the website by third parties.

Persons or companies that send any kind of information to Noumad undertake to ensure that it is truthful and does not violate any third party rights or the law in force.


The website, including but not limited to programming, editing, compilation and other elements necessary for its operation, designs, logos, text and / or graphics are the property of Noumad, or if you have a license or express authorization from the authors. All the contents of the website are duly protected by intellectual and industrial property regulations, as well as registered in the corresponding public registers.

Regardless of the purpose for which they were intended, the total or partial reproduction, use, exploitation, distribution and marketing, in any case requires the prior written authorization by Noumad. Any use not previously authorized by the provider will be considered a serious breach of the rights of intellectual or industrial property of the author.

The designs, logos, text and / or graphics outside Noumad, and that may appear on the website belong to their respective owners, being themselves responsible for any dispute that may arise in respect thereof.

Noumad will also be responsible for the trademarks, logos and other distinctive signs that are incorporated in any part of the Web and that are owned by Noumad, as well as holder of all Intellectual or Industrial Property rights or as licensee of the same.

All contents and integral parts of the website have been included in accordance with the principles of good faith, with information coming totally or partially from external sources, reason why Noumad, is not responsible in any way for the inaccuracy or non-updating of the contents offered.

On the other hand, all content from internal sources will be duly identified with their copyright. The company reserves the right to make any changes at any time without prior notice. All content included on the site from internal sources that carry their identifying sign of copyright, are the sole responsibility of Noumad.

All content accessed through the service provided by Noumad, are subject to the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights of Noumad, or third parties.


Noumad, is deeply committed to compliance with Spanish legislation on protection of personal data, and ensures full compliance with the obligations set out, as well as the implementation of security measures under the regulations in force regarding the Protection of Personal Data.

To this end, it guarantees not only a legal, but also a fair use of personal data as well as an adequate system to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, limitation and/or portability of your personal data.

Noumad only collects the data necessary to maintain the business relationship you request. Your order, name and address, or the place you designate for the purpose of receiving orders, will be transferred to the logistics and transport company, for the sole purpose that they directly carry out the shipment of orders at the address you have designated, without access to any other information. The refusal to provide the data that are requested will mean in your case the impossibility of contracting with this company and therefore that your order will not be processed.

The personal data subject to processing will be kept for the duration of the purchase/request/application process or, failing that, for the periods established in the legislation in force, and will be cancelled when they are no longer necessary or relevant for the purpose for which they were collected or recorded. In this regard, it is specified that the cancellation does not imply the elimination of the data, but rather their blocking. While the data are blocked, their processing will be prevented and they will only be kept at the disposal of the Public Administrations, Judges and Courts for the attention of possible liabilities arising from the processing, as long as the statute of limitations for liabilities has elapsed.

The client or the persons concerned accept and give their consent to transfer any file under their responsibility, to a data center provided by Noumad, in its own or other facilities, national, European or international physical location, and that Noumad confirms that it complies with the confidentiality policies and appropriate security measures to avoid in general failures related to the stored data, loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access, theft, protection against fire, flood or any other natural disaster.

Any data and information sent to Noumad, whatever its format and support, will be treated with absolute confidentiality and reserve, committing ourselves to the adoption of the necessary means to ensure security and privacy in communications (will not respond when adopted the relevant security measures, these were violated by external agents). Only in the event that the State Security Forces and Corps require access to this information, under the strict terms of current legislation and all other legally established cases, it will be provided in accordance with the requirements of the Law.

Noumad, is committed to fulfilling its obligation of safekeeping and custody, confidentiality and privacy of transmitted data, acquiring the commitment to adopt the security measures imposed by the Data Protection Act at the appropriate level, as well as take the necessary measures to prevent alteration, loss or unauthorized access, taking into account at all times the state of technology.

Noumad is also authorized to use the data collected for commercial purposes, always complying with the regulations in this regard. If you do not wish to receive any commercial or promotional communication, you can simply let us know by email or by activating this option by checking the appropriate box enabled for this purpose in the various forms on the website.

The customer or user of this website, may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, limitation and / or portability of their personal data. To exercise these rights, you should contact our Customer Service ( and send a letter clearly stating the contact details, which must be accompanied by a photocopy of your ID / NIF or document proving your identity or failing that to the following address Noumad (Inés Álvarez Nóvoa Pérez de Ayala) C / Viña del Mar No. 4, 28050 Madrid (Madrid). You may withdraw your consent to the processing described above at any time by writing to the person responsible for the file under the terms described in this document for the exercise of rights.

The interested party may lodge a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency when he/she considers that his/her rights or the processing of his/her data have not been complied with or are not in accordance with current legislation on the protection of personal data.


Noumad starts from the contractual good faith and will make available all technical and human means to protect the privacy of its users and customers, and will ensure at all times the quality of the services it provides. However, Noumad is exempt from any civil and economic liability arising from a technical failure in the services provided by the implicit characteristics of computer systems and the Internet, loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access, theft, fire protection, flood or any other natural disaster affecting the data. In case of any doubt, you can contact Noumad by any of the means stipulated above.


For the resolution of all disputes or questions relating to this website or the activities carried out therein, Spanish law shall apply, to which the parties expressly submit themselves, being competent for the resolution of all disputes arising from or related to its use the Courts and Tribunals of the domicile of the Responsible for the File.


User, declares to have read, know and accept these General Conditions in their entirety. Copyright © Noumad, All rights reserved. Prohibit its total or partial reproduction.